Personal Approach

I see photography as a medium by which people reflect upon their own lives and see into the way others live.

The impact of a photograph can be immediate and graphic or it can be beguiling and entrancing. However it is subjective insofar that you as the viewer will be attracted to an image depending on your past experiences and the emotional state you are in as you look at the images.

What is going on, what is the person in the photograph thinking, what happened before and what happened after the photograph was taken - these are some of the ways that one begins to understand photographs. Any photograph has to have meaning, which is why we tend to be interested in photographs of people we know or places we have been to or activities we have done.

What photographs have is the ability to communicate the unfamiliar and they do so by metaphor or by connecting you to the emotion of others…the ability to empathise is a fundamental human trait. In order to help you develop this aspect of your photography or as a refresher for the experienced photographer a number of tutorials and workshops are being developed. The first one looks at the difference between looking and seeing, something we rarely reflect upon because sight is so familiar and yet it is not at all obvious why we see certain things and miss others.



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